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sites After years of event planning … and having oh so many DIY couples coming my way (like who doesn’t want to plan their own special day??) … I decided to compile my own portal to all the things I think are important when planning this momentous event! You can probably find all this information in other spaces out there on the information highway or in the blogosphere, but I am writing this from the heart, my heart. Because each and every wedding is poignant and special … and I’ve learned a lot about what to do (or not do) so your day will be memorable – and pleasantly so –  for everyone involved.

site de rencontres lyon So come on in, take a look at my posts, visit my professional website, and reach out if you want to chat about how I can personally help you enjoy that day that will be posted across your social networks and shared in photographs for generations to come.

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Garb for the Groom

niik site de rencontre by | Jun 20, 2018 |

There is much ado about the attire of the bride and her maids … but what about the groom and his merry men? The reality is that the groomsmen’s apparel does not come with as many style and color options as the women – but the men definitely have some choices,...

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Say Yes to the Dress!

It all looks so easy … all your important people squeezed into the viewing room at the bridal shop, and although tempers may flair and preferences may differ, the perfect dress is oh so easy to find, tears overflow as the choice is made …. And boom! Another successful...

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Hotel Room Blocks 101

Online hotel booking became “a thing” in 1995 (Thank you Holiday Inn and Choice Hotels for leading the way!) - so I know of very few people that have actually called a hotel to book a room. But, this, my friends, is one time when you have to buck up and pick up the...

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