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https://www.socialactionnet.com/88635-selsun-shampoo-uk.html After years of event planning … and having oh so many DIY couples coming my way (like who doesn’t want to plan their own special day??) … I decided to compile my own portal to all the things I think are important when planning this momentous event! You can probably find all this information in other spaces out there on the information highway or in the blogosphere, but I am writing this from the heart, my heart. Because each and every wedding is poignant and special … and I’ve learned a lot about what to do (or not do) so your day will be memorable – and pleasantly so –  for everyone involved.

trace http://www.wa-party.com/81184-ciplox-d-price.html So come on in, take a look at my posts, visit my professional website, and reach out if you want to chat about how I can personally help you enjoy that day that will be posted across your social networks and shared in photographs for generations to come.

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Choosing a Wedding Photographer: Choose one that captures what it feels like.

Choosing a Wedding Photographer: Choose one that captures what it feels like.

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site de rencontre femme asiatique france What’s left after the wedding? … memories that will last a lifetime … and those memories are enhanced by photographs that capture the essence of your wedding day. But how do you choose a photographer that will perfectly capture the event vibe and the intense feelings...

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